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Meso Numismatics, Corp.

Meso Numismatics is quickly becoming the central hub for rare, exquisite and valuable Central American / Caribbean numismatics pieces. Beginning with a simple eBay store, Meso Numismatics has evolved into a collection of over $3 Million in readily available, rare and prestigious inventory. Meso participates with a number of organizations to clean and certify each item that the Company acquires. For the Company’s coin-based numismatics, this includes sending the item to the Numismatic Conservation Services for cleaning, then the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation for certification and grading. For Meso’s paper-based numismatics, items are sent to the Paper Money Guaranty for certification and grading. Meso’s management has stated that although these certification processes can be costly, it is an absolutely crucial process in order to maintain honor and legitimacy in the numismatic markets.

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We are proud to be the home to some of the best and most top-graded, NGC and PMG Coins and Banknotes.

Meso Numismatics is very proud of the outcome of the results in grading Latin American coins and banknotes. We have access to very rare Latin American pieces like Gold Coins, Specimens, Coffee Tokens and UDIS, to name a few!